Pharmacy Technician Study Guides

Pharmacy Technician Study Guides

Pharmacy technician study guides are valuable tools in exam preparation especially in addition to training. The guides will help you brush up on your acquired knowledge and provide a quick review for the board exam.

What exactly are pharmacy technician study guides?
Pharmacy technician study guides serve as a summary of pharmacy knowledge that you should know before taking the exam.

Not all guides do this; therefore you should be selective in choosing a guide (see list below). Also, a good guide should discuss test taking skills, it is not enough to know the material, you should also have test taking skills e.g. learning to complete the test on time, guessing strategies, how to prepare for the exam, how to deal if you’re nervous before the exam and other general test taking strategies.
Some of the important topics a guide should cover are listed below:


• Exam specific information – e.g. test taking skill development
• Pharmacology
• Pharmaceutical calculations
• Measurement equivalents
• Sample questions and answers
• Pharmacological terms
• Drug classes
• Other bonus materials e.g. medical terminology

The more you review the better prepared you will be for the exam. The PTCE is not an easy exam and therefore it is important to review as much as possible.
If you are interested in obtaining a study guide please go to my training website where you may obtain a guide or take a practice test and/or register for my online pharmacy technician training course.

Click on this link to obtain a guide in ebook form.


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