Pharmacy Technician Resumes

Pharmacy Technician Resumes

The purpose of pharmacy technician resumes is to describe your work experience and/or training to a potential employer.

Good pharmacy technician resumes should be precise and describe accomplishments, experience, special skills, qualifications and certifications.

Your resume should follow the standard format and be descriptive and to the point that it stands out from the myriad number of resumes that the employer may be considering.

A resume should always be attached with a cover letter. See information on cover letters further below.

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Pharmacy technician resumes should contain:
1.Contact information – This includes your name, address, phone number, fax and email address. NOTE: it is important to have an email address since most communication nowadays use email as a preferred route.


2.Summary – Overview of what you’ve done and how you fit the needs of the company. Include job experience & personal characteristics (describe characteristics that pertain to the job). Briefly describe what you’re looking for in a company and what you can offer the company. Be reasonable and realistic.

3.Employer information (current & previous) – List current and previous employers, city & state where you worked for them, dates of employment and duties. (List in reverse chronological order with the most recent job listed first). List paid and unpaid employment, internships etc.

4.Accomplishments – List accomplishments on-the job and leadership activities in professional or community affairs.

5.Education – List in reverse order with the most recent degree/diploma/certificate listed first.

Pharmacy technician resumes should NOT contain:
1.Personal information such as:age, marital status, height, weight etc. Employers must consider you solely on your qualifications and not on personal factors such as the one’s listed above. However, employers may take into consideration personal attributes as they apply to the job such as assertiveness, attitude, enthusiasm, team spirit etc.

2.Names and addresses of references, these may be supplied at the interview if requested.

3.Salary information – If the potential employer requests salary information provide it in the cover letter or at the interview.

4.Should not be more than 2 pages.

5.Should not contain personal pronouns such as “I”. Be objective.

Pharmacy technician resumes Do & Do nots:

1.Write brief phrases.
2.Write a rough draft first before creating the final resume.
3.Start with a summary statement as above, that describes the functional area of your work.
4.Use present tense for the current job and past tense for previous ones.
5.All activities and responsibilities should be listed with corresponding results and accomplishments.
6.Describe specific responsibilities.
7.Be consistent with the resume format.
8.List jobs by year rather than by month and day.
9.If there is a gap between employments, list the reason for the gap.
10.Proofread the resume for spelling mistakes, punctuation, grammatical and typographical errors. Have someone else proofread the resume for errors you may have missed.

Do nots:
1.Do not use italics, dashes, or underlining to emphasize items to make them stand out.
2.Do not use abbreviations.
3.Do not use odd-sized, colored paper or paper with borders. Use plain white paper and stick to the standard format.
4.Do not include your picture with resume.
5.Do not list references; take a list with you to the interview that includes the reference’s name, contact info and position, in case the interviewer asks for it.
6.Do not list personal data.

Pharmacy technician resumes format:

There are many formats for creating resumes, but the most common and accepted one is the chronological format. This format lists work experience in reverse chronological order with the most recent jobs, accomplishments and/or certifications listed first.

Below, is an example of a resume format in chronological order. Keep resume format consistent and neat. Be sure to use spacing between professional experiences and education.


SUMMARY – Enter general background information related to the position you are seeking, include your skill sets, accomplishments and job experience. Keep it brief, 5-6 lines.
AREAS OF STRENGTH – Enter strengths that have been developed through experience and accomplishments. Use industry key words, e.g. motivated, team leader, certified, experienced etc.
PROFESSIONIAL EXPERIENCE – Start off with your job title, and then enter company name, city & state where company is/was located. Next…
Enter dates of employment (most recent employment first). Keep the dates of employment in the right margin. Next, describe your duties. List important duties first, duties that the employer is most likely considering hiring you for. Include unpaid employment and/or experience as well.
EDUCATION – Enter degree/certificate followed by major, if any and list it if it’s related to the position you’re seeking), follow with name of institution, city & state. Add continuing education courses taken or attended.
PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS AND LEADERSHIP – Include affiliations related to job position. It is a good idea to join professional state and national pharmacy technician organizations for your industry. It is a good way to network with other individuals in the same field as you and come across job opportunities as well.

Pharmacy technician resumes cover letter:
A resume should always include a cover letter that explains why you’re submitting your resume. It serves as an introduction and highlights specific qualifications and objectives as well as exhibit written communication skills. It should be submitted together with the resume and also be submitted after an interview with the focus being follow-up and thanking the interviewer as well as summarizing your skills and why you’d be a good fit for their company.

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